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Name: Indian Army

Post Name: 56 Men and SSCW (Tech) – 27 Women Course April 2021

Vacancies: 191

Last Date To Apply: 12th Nov 2020

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Name: Indian Army

Post Name: JAG Entry Scheme 26th Course April 2021

Vacancies: 8

Last Date To Apply: 11th Nov 2020

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Indian Army Headquarters started its development in the Red Fort (Delhi). An impressive structure that it is, it was just suitable to house a combined entity such as this. Mian Headquarters at that time held its place in South Block and declined to share time. Mercifully, it was turned up in quick order. Now Army Headquarters maintains portions of South Block with a large, architecturally stylish Sena Bhavan adjacent.

For recruitment, the nation is split into hiring zones. Every zone is given a share for recruitment based on a portion of its ethnic & people grouping. A legacy, gently being reduced, is that of conflict arms systems or regiments recovering from a special zone or mix of ethnic groups.

Once a person has tied up, it is for keeps. Various fall out at the primary education stage when they see that there is much more to it than going into a smart suit. The person who understands the sound of the horn obviously without missing a note, take their word and for the greatness of the country go into help - not slavery.

The COAS (Chief of Army Staff) uses various hats. To the whole army, now some 1.1 million women & men strong, he is the Chief. Different Staff Officers help him, such as Chief Staff Officers (PSOs), Origins of Services and Arms, etc. It just takes a book of significant length to even set feather their functions and designations.

The Indian Army has in its Line of Battle, infantry divisions, mountain divisions, armored branches (in which container units predominate) & mechanized divisions. Self-governing unit groups may be armored, air defense (missile or gun), mechanized, parachute, field artillery, engineer, electronic warfare or even regular infantry and height. These form 'Army troops/Corps', that is, they are taken at Corps and Indian Army levels for checking out charges and business forces. At those levels, one would find difficult logistic maintenance units in the duration of supply, transportation, field medical facilities, and ammunition depots.

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